John sent me a copy of the email posted below and asked me to do a check fact… I have included my findings below the email. Here is a copy of the email HR4646 TAX on YOUR BANK ACCOUNT H  R. 4646 I have gone into THOMAS (Library of Congress) and printed out and read […]

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You wouldn’t know it listen to all the negative ads trying to convince the American public that the Bank Bailout was a failure and cost the American taxpayers tons of money….  The truth is the taxpayers made over an 8% return on their investment which amounts to a profit to date of 25.2 billion dollars. […]

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Obviously the Presidents speech last night didn’t impress the people that were looking for a “light switch moment” Those people were looking for the President who is a career Politician to tell them how he was going to hit a switch and turn off this oil leak. They evidently figure this Politician should know how to […]

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Facts or Fiction

Those of you that are partially responsable for me putting up this blog, by sending me email or websites to make comments on… this one is in response to the latest email sent to me by Steve. Here is a copy of what he sent me which BTW is Fiction START OF EMAIL IN CASE […]

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Why Did You Steal My Flag?

Why is it that for the last 9 years whenever someone questions something our Government is doing we get branded as unpatriotic? Let me re-phrase that… up until the 2008 election it was if we questioned what our President was doing we were unpatriotic.  Now if we agree with what our President is doing we […]

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