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The China Plan for Dominance

June 4th, 2011

The Chinese government thinks in decades and centuries, not hours and days like America. It has been over a decade since China realized they could take advantage of the American people’s and companies greed, and the American Governments stupidity, and they continue to do the same today.

First they were more than eager to step in when we Americans decided we could demand higher wages and profits year after year, yet at the same time demanding to pay the lowest prices for the goods we purchase therefore putting ourselves out of the manufacturing business and giving China with it’s low wage labor, no safety or environmental regulations all our business.

The Chinese government who either owns outright or at least a stake in most business then takes this hoard of money and turns around and buys America’s debt and now positions in American energy companies.

So now not only do they own America’s debt they are also positioning themselves to where they will be able to take the natural gas  being sucked from American land, liquify it and send it back to China… so let’s get this straight.

China has taken the billions of dollars we have sent them for their cheap products, some that have poisoned our children and pets and reinvested it by purchasing America’s debt and companies…. they not only have leverage over America because of the debt they own, they are calling the shots with the companies that could be poisoning our water while searching for natural gas.  With China’s track record on the environment, why do I not believe them when they say Fracking is safe.

Why we would allow any foreign country to purchase oil, gas or coal from us when we should be using it here to become independent of foreign oil is beyond me!  We can’t be that stupid are we?

So now lets’ recap China Dominance over America…

Take the money we (China) get by selling the USA cheap products, some of which is painted with poison or tainted (food) and use it to poison their (USA) water, take their natural resources to use to make more cheap products and sell back the them (USA) so we can take the profits and buy up more of their debt and continue to have leverage over their economy.

Yes it will take us (China) decades to totally dominate their (USA) economy, but they (USA) will never see us coming, because they are focused on today, while we (China) focus on the next century.

Wake up America, before it’s too late.

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