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Fox News Making Up The News Again

September 12th, 2010

Sean Hannity and the fox news organization decided to edit the real news into something that would make for better news for thier mostly right wing audience.

On 9/8 while talking about the Presidents speech on the economy Hannity said; “Now the president did have a rare moment of honesty during his speech and I hope voters around the country are watching this.” He played a clip of Obama saying, “Taxes are scheduled to go up substantially next year. For everybody.”

What fox edited out of the video clip was the fact that the President was telling the American people that the Bush tax cuts were designed to go away this January by design… the law when passed will end this year.  That is how the law was wrote by the then Republicain run government.

Why then is Fox news and the Republicain part distorting the facts and trying to say the Democrats are going to raise your taxes, when in reality taxes are due to go up based on the way they wrote to law.  The fact that the President campaigned on the fact that he wanted to exstend the Bush tax cuts for 98%  of the American people, and he is now trying to make good on that tax cut, is being manipulated into him wanting to raise taxes on the rich is just insane!

I’ll say it once again so I am clear… the Bush tax cuts by design of the way they wrote the law is scedualed to end this year which means everyones taxes would go up, if the President does not get his tax cuts passed.

The Republicains want you to believe that if the tax rates go back to what they were in the Clinton administration for those making over 250K, that they will hurt small business owners, when in reality less than 2% of small businesses report on their tax returns 250k or more, so these tax rates will not negatively effect small business growth.

Also by letting the tax cuts for those making over 250k go away as scheduled, this will help curve the out of control national debt by bring in more tax revenue.

So my question is if the Republicain part is serious about being the party of tax cuts and debt reductions, they should be loving Obama’s plan… Maybe that’s why Fox news and the Republicain party needs to resort to deception to confuse the American people.

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This is Chilling… The Truth!

July 22nd, 2010

Here we go again… one of my friends sent me the email posted below and asked me to do the research.

First I will post the email and below it I will post my findings.

President Truman
established one day a year as a
“National day of Prayer.”
President Reagan
designated the
First Thursday in May of each year as
the National day of Prayer.
In June
Candidate Barack Obama
declared that the USA Was no longer a
Christian nation.
This year
President Obama
canceled the
21st annual National Day
of Prayer ceremony
at the White
House under the ruse
Of “not wanting to offend anyone”

On September 25, 2009
from 4 am until 7 pm,
a National Day of Prayer
for the Muslim religion was Held on Capitol Hill,
Beside the White House.
There were over 50,000 Muslims that
Day in D.C.


I guess it Doesn’t matter
if “Christians” Are offended by this event -
We obviously Don’t count as “anyone” Anymore.
The direction this country is headed should strike fear in the heart of every Christian, especially knowing that the Muslim religion believes that if Christians cannot be converted, they should be annihilated.

This is not a Rumor
Go to the website
To confirm this info:

Pay particular attention to the very bottom of the page:
I hope that this information will stir your spirit.

The words of 2 Chronicles 7:14
“If my people, Who are called by my Name,
Will humble themselves And pray,
And seek my face, and Turn from their Wicked ways,
Then will I hear from Heaven
And will forgive their Sin and will heal Their land.”

We must pray for Our nation, our communities,
Our families, and especially our children.
They are the ones who are going to suffer the most.
If we don’t PRAY
May God have Mercy.

Please pass this on

Maybe someone, somehow can figure out a way to put America
back on the map as it was when we were growing up,
a safe place to live, and by
The Ten Commandments and Pledge of Allegiance.
For Obama to continue as our president

With just a little research this is what I found out about the above email

You may cut and paste this truth into a response email to the list that was sent the original email.. if you like and please use my name.

RE: Presidential Candidate Barack Obama declared that the USA Was no longer a Christian nation.

Truth: I posted what Obama actually said below, but the interesting thing is how just one word left out can change the meaning.

“Given the increasing diversity of America’s population, the dangers of sectarianism have never been greater. Whatever we once were, we are no longer just a Christian nation; we are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.”

The one word this BS email left out was the word “JUST”.   Kind of an important word in this statement I would think.

RE: This year President Obama canceled the 21st annual National Day of Prayer ceremony at the White House under the ruse Of “not wanting to offend anyone”

Truth: On May 7, 2009, the President did issue an official proclamation in observance of the National Day of Prayer, but he did not have an official ceremony at the white house.  The lies in the statement are as follows:

While the Bush and Regan administration did hold ceremonies at the White House, the Clinton administration did not, so there is no 21 year annual ceremony that was canceled.

“not wanting to offend anyone”   This was never said and is a fabrication… here is what was released by the press secretary at the time “According a statement by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, the President would be spending some time in private prayer that day – “as he does every day.” “


While this email wants you to believe this picture was taken during and at what they are calling “”a National Day of Prayer for the Muslim religion was Held on Capitol Hill,Beside the White House”” The truth is the photo was taken when  President Obama toured a mosque in Turkey during his April 2009 tour.

Also there was no “National Day of Prayer for the Muslim religion ceremony” This event they refer to was organized by a Muslim group as a Day of Islamic Unity and had nothing to do with Obama.

The truth is out there people, all you need to do is a little research… the bigger question would be, why would someone take the time to put together these lies?  The originator of this email did not just make an honest mistake; they went to great lengths to rewrite history.

They manipulated events, photos and quotes to make a point that is based on fabrications and lies. Some of these lies were given validity on Fox news (no surprise here) but the resent events of Mrs. Sherrod and what Fox news and right wing blogger were able to do to her life based on manipulated lies is just the most resent proof of what the far right is willing to do to poison the truth. (if you are not aware of this story do you research Unbelievable!)

These people are posing as patriots and would want you to believe they are saving this country, when once the truth is learned it is obvious they are destroying this country by spreading lies designed to spread hatred towards the people they want to destroy.

While this country is and has always been mostly a Christian country, have we forgotten what the first Amendment actually says? “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

This means that we Christians have no more rights in this country than any other religion, nor should any real patriot expect more rights… to the contrary a true patriot would be defending the first amendment and therefore the rights of all religions to practice their faith her in the USA.

The only thing sadder than the people that make up and write these lies, are the people that blindly believe them to be truth without doing their own research.

Wake up America!

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Americans Speak but What is The Truth?

June 27th, 2010

This weekend sitting around the camp fire with a bunch of friends a few people I didn’t know that well, I learned a lot about how Americans think, and it’s not always that pretty.

I sat and listen to a guy explain his thoughts of why the oil spill in the Gulf has not been capped, and his theory was that our President (he referred to him as the “N” word} was bought off by BP and that is why the oil is still flowing. He said that the “N” word would not allow other countries that had the technology help us stop this leak because BP has paid him not to except the help.

Now besides the fact that his logic makes no sense, I thought I would do some research to try and find out how he could possible come to this conclusion.  I would not argue that despite the fact that the Republicans had the slogan of “Drill Baby Drill” and the Democrats were running their campaign against expanding deep water drilling, both parties probably accepted money from BP. After all companies like this always donate to both parties trying to hedge their bets, so I would not be surprised to see money flowing into both parties campaigns.

Now let’s look at two things we know has happened and see if we can see evidence of a pay off…

1-     The president met with the CEO of BP and negotiated for them to place 20 billion dollars into an escrow account to pay out damages.  This accomplished two things… BP will pay for this spill not the American tax payers, and people with claims will not have to wait over two decades to get paid, unlike what happened with Exxon and the Alaska spill. I see no evidence that this was a favor to BP so no pay off here.

2-     Obama issued a 6 month moratorium on deep water drilling to try and determine what caused this disaster and find out if there are any other problems with other deep water wells. He did this even though it is politically going to hurt him personally because of the jobs that it will wipe out in the Gulf.

He did this even while the politicians in these states that have oil coming onto their beaches are still screaming drill baby drill.   He did this even though every oil company has threatened they will cut jobs if he stops them from drilling, but says nothing of why they have lied to us about having the ability to handle a disaster like this.

Now I don’t know about you, but this does not sound like something that I would do to someone that was paying me off… how about you?

Further more why would BP pay off the government to NOT stop this leak… what would the up side be for BP?

Let’s take a look at another statement my camp fire friend said: “Did Obama turn down foreign offers of assistance in cleaning up the Gulf oil spill? Did he refuse to waive Jones Act restrictions on foreign-flag vessels?”

To look for answers to this question I go to and here is what they say;

Some critics have charged — falsely — that Obama’s refusal to waive the Jones Act has kept foreign vessels from assisting in cleanup efforts. In a June 23 interview on “Fox & Friends,” Republican Rep. Charles Djou of Hawaii was asked by show host Gretchen Carlson about the Jones Act and why the administration was refusing foreign assistance. Djou answered: It’s important that we take help from whomever and wherever they’re willing to offer it. … So why are we not waiving the Jones Act to allow international help to come in? … Why we’re not waiving it here … is baffling.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, both Republicans, have also claimed that the Jones Act, which was temporarily lifted by President Bush after Hurricane Katrina, is now standing in the way of foreign vessels bringing assistance to the United States. They are both incorrect. Palin stated this in an interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren: Palin, June 11: For one, there needs to be a waiving of the Jones Act so that we could have had many, many days ago, weeks ago, some help with skimmers from elsewhere, besides just U.S. flagships, come over and help in this tragedy. And that order needs to be given to [Coast Guard] Admiral [Thad] Allen right now. It’s amazing to me and to so many others that though President Bush had been able to waive Jones Act provisions for Katrina, President Obama hasn’t thought to do that yet? And yet surely, that has been suggested by those experts around him.

In reality, the Jones Act has yet to be an issue in the response efforts. The Deepwater Horizon response team reported in a June 15 press release that there are 15 foreign flagged ships currently participating in the oil spill cleanup. None of them needed a waiver because the Jones Act does not apply. The Jones Act is a trade and commerce law that was enacted in 1920 as part of a larger Marine Merchant Act. It requires all trade delivered between U.S. ports to be carried in U.S. flagged vessels constructed in the United States and owned by American citizens. The law states its purpose is to develop a merchant marine for national defense and commerce.

Why was the Jones Act waived as part of the Hurricane Katrina response, and why hasn’t it been waived now? Katrina inflicted massive infrastructure damage, which restricted the availability of key resources. According to the Deepwater Horizon response team: “A Jones Act waiver was granted during Hurricane Katrina due to the significant disruption in the production and transportation of petroleum and/or refined petroleum products in the region during that emergency and the impact this had on national defense.” The Deepwater Horizon spill has yet to affect infrastructure or oil and gas availability; the damage is environmental, and foreign vessels are approved for delivering resources and conducting offshore skimming. Although the Jones Act is currently not applicable, the federal government has taken steps to expedite the waiver process should the oil spill response require a Jones Act waiver for trade and commerce.

Also, contrary to reports such as the one on “Fox & Friends,” international assistance has been accepted. To date, 25 countries and four international organizations have offered support in the form of skimming vessels, containment and fire boom, technical assistance and response solutions, among others. A chart provided by the State Department shows that as of June 23 five offers had been accepted and 50 were under consideration — including multiple offers from a single country or entity. One offer had been declined: France offered a chemical dispersant that is not approved for use in the United States. President Barack Obama described this process in his May 27 press conference: “

You can read this here

So once again I would say the America people need to look somewhere else than Fox news for the truth.

He also said that the Swiss has the technology to cap the oil well and Obama has turned them down, when in reality there is a Swiss company that says they have a product that can be rolled out onto the beaches that would absorb the oil and help with clean-up, there is no one that I can find that says they have ever caped a deepwater well.

You can read more about this at this website:

The thing is I can understand this person’s frustration of why this well has not been caped yet… I have that same frustration, but I point the finger at the oil companies that have been lying to us about their capabilities of handling such a disaster. Lying about the fact that these deep wells are not a safe as they and the “Drill baby Drill” groups have been telling us.

I can even understand the frustration with the President, not seeming to put the recourses needed to clean up this mess as fast as I would like, but I can’t understand how anyone would come to the conclusion that he has been paid to allow it to keep leaking.

All I can think of is the fact that a segment of the American population are always looking for a reason to point a finger and say “The black man did it”

Come on America wake up and grow up!

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Newt Gingrich: Warns You About Democratic ‘Secular-Socialist Machine’

May 17th, 2010

I see Newt has another book to push, so it’s lest see what we can say to grab headlines and get TV time to promote the book. But he is making some serious accusations so we better take a look.

Here is a link to the Fox News Article and below are some quotes with my comments.

Democrats are trying to impose a “secular-socialist machine” rejected by most Americans, an unapologetic Newt Gingrich said Sunday.

The former House speaker described Democrats as “secular” because those in power in government are beset by a “relentless anti-religious bias”; “socialist” because the Obama administration wants to determine salaries, own corporations and provide health care; and a “machine” because the agenda is being pushed robotically without concern for people standing in the way.

Further down in the article Newt is also quoted as saying:

Gingrich said that he stands by his argument that the “secular-socialist machine” represents as great a threat to America as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, not in the sense of the immorality of those deadly regimes, but as a “threat to our way of life.”

Where do I start?  I guess the best place would be the most outrageous part of his statement.

“secular-socialist machine” represents as great a threat to America as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union

Did I read that right,  He is comparing the Democrats to Nazi Germany?

I could have this wrong, but the thing going on in this country today that most compares to Nazi Germany is a new law that requires American Citizens to carry papers to prove they indeed are legal citizens.

No matter what your opinion is on illegal immigrants ( and we will talk about that in another post) it’s not to far a stretch to see the comparisons to how Hitler started to round up all the Jews by first requiring them to show papers.

Oh yea did I mention that this is a Republican administration in Arizona that past this law, and it has the support of prominent Republicans like Palin that just spoke in support of it at a rally with the Arizona Governor over the weekend? And one more thing..  Obama is on recordas  being against the wording in this new law that would allow you to be pulled over and asked to produce papers for little reason.

Now lets take a look at some other enlightening things that he says:

Obama administration wants to determine salaries

I can only guess that he is talking about the administrations outrage that these companies that were baled out by tax payers money went on to pay crazy bonuses to employees while taking tax payers money to stay in business?

own corporations and provide health care

He is probably right, we should of left GM and Chrysler along with all the millions of jobs go down the tubes… after all there is no history proving that baling out an auto company will work.

Wait I seem to remember Chrysler paying back a bale out and even though the  Government still owns 61% of the new GM, they have already paid back their loans to the government.  I predict that the tax payers will make money on GM stock in the years to come as they slowly sell it back to the public.

And providing health care to Americans that had no chance to ever getting it before this new law… that does sound like a Soviet plot to me :-)

and a “machine” because the agenda is being pushed robotically without concern for people standing in the way.

I continue to hear that everything is being forced on the American people and that the majority of people didn’t want health care reform or don’t want Bank reform or whatever… were was this majority in the 2010 election?

There is no surprises here, this administration is ticking off the boxes of it’s campaign promises and nothing more… they have scaled back some of those promises trying to get some bipartisan support which has angered the base, but I think getting bipartisan support on issues was one of the campaign promises too.

they just nationalized student loans so they’re now all 100 percent government program,” Gingrich told Fox

Facts: The Congressional Budget Office estimates this will save the federal government between $6 billion and $7 billion per year. For more than 35 years, the government has paid private banks billions of dollars in subsidies to encourage them to lend to students, then  the government guaranteed the loans anyway.

If this law had been passed by a conservative it would be the greatest fiscal conservative legislation know to man, but because it was passed by this President it is a socialist plot.

Well this all does sell books and continues to keep the misinformed that have no desire to take the time to research and learn the real truth all stirred up….  Sadly this is how elections are won.  I thought the country finally started to think on their own and looked pass this style of politics, but it looks like we are in for another wave of say anything (forget about truth) to win politics.

This is wy I’m calling for the FCC to do their job, which will be my next post.

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