Fist let me make it clear, America is NOT broken… it’s our political system that is broke and needs fixed.  Below I will explain why I say this and go on to give my take on a solution to this problem. Causes of America’s Broken Political System First I’m going to list the causes and […]

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The China Plan for Dominance

The Chinese government thinks in decades and centuries, not hours and days like America. It has been over a decade since China realized they could take advantage of the American people’s and companies greed, and the American Governments stupidity, and they continue to do the same today. First they were more than eager to step […]

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Right is Right Unless it’s The Far Right!

Those of you that have worked with me know I have been on both sides of the union issue… I mean when you go from union President to 20 years in Management you a good understanding of both sides of the issues. There were many days that I would be fighting for the rights of […]

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Billionaire Has Wisconsin Governor On Speed Dial?

Listen what happens when a reporter from the Buffalo Beast impersonates the right wing fanatic union busting billionaire David Koch and got Governor Walker from Wisconsin on the phone to talk about strategies. Listen to both Videos and the most interesting parts are the end of the 2nd recording. When CNN asked Walker about this, […]

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Want to help save SSN?

Take the cap off of the SSN tax… right now the tax is collected up to $106,800 and if you were making that much you would pay $6,621.60 into SSN. If you make $200,000 per year you would pay the same $6,621.60 into SSN instead of the $12,000 that would have been collected if there […]

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