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America’s Broken Political System – The Solution

August 14th, 2011

Fist let me make it clear, America is NOT broken… it’s our political system that is broke and needs fixed.  Below I will explain why I say this and go on to give my take on a solution to this problem.

Causes of America’s Broken Political System

First I’m going to list the causes and then I will talk in more detail about each.

#1 – 24 hour news channels, like CNN and Fox news.

#2 – The Internet.

#3 – Special Interest (Right and Left) money.

I’ll start with #1… Because of the 24 hour news channels this country is in a constant state of re-election.  We have a major election every two year, where all 435 House of Representatives and 1/3 of the Senate is up for reelection, plus on one of those two year cycles the President is up for reelection.

Because of the pressure for TV rating and the competition among States to grab primary headlines our election campaigns start 18 months before the election.  This gives our Government six months to where they COULD MAYBE do some good for the country in a bipartisan way.  The rest of the time they are trying to get themselves or their buddies reelected and sadly that usually means trying to make the other side look bad or in the case of Congress, at least look worst then you.   Just six months out of every two years… Now that is broken Politics.

#2 – The Internet… The Internet in itself is a great way for people to stay in touch with their elected officials and a great way for them to read the heartbeat of Americans, but here is the problem.

The willingness of some people or groups (Right and Left), weather for kicks or other hidden agendas, to spread falsities or half truths around the Internet at lightning speed has hurt our Political process, but this is not the real reason I list the Internet.

The Internet has caused our society to be one of ” Instant Gratification”… it does not seem to matter if the economic problems of today were 20 years in the making, if they aren’t fixed now then we are pissed.  And Lord help you if you propose and implement a solution that doesn’t fix everything in two years, then your policies don’t work and your no good…  and if you don’t believe me just turn on one of those 24 hour news channels and surf until you find someone to confirm your feelings.  Instant Gratification in Governments… Now that is broken Politics.

#3 – Special Interest (Right and Left) money… I have said it many times before, if I could pass just one law that would help not only this country but the world, it would be to outlaw lobbyists.  Sadly the Supreme court has given them even more power to buy elections, so this problem is probably here to stay. Special interest groups (left and right) spending billions on elections… Now this is broken Politics.

Solutions for Debate

The solution for problem #1 -  Extend the term of the Presidency and Congress to a six year term like the Senate…  Now stick with me, I know I just sent shivers up the spines of all you anti Obama people… Lord knows I feel the same way about the prospect that Bush would still be in office , but hear me out.

First off Obama would not be eligible under my plan… you see it would take a 2nd term President to get this passed, one that would not be effected by the change.  So if for no other reason we should reelect Obama to start this process, that and the fact that the radical alternatives to Obama would be a disastrous choice in this economic climate is enough to give him my vote… but I digress.

We do this with everyone serving a six year term, with the House and the Senate staggering their members term to whereas 50% of them are up for reelection every three years.

Along with these changes we must implement a law that somehow restricts campaign activities to the current 18 months before an election.  This would allow our government to govern for at least 18 months out of every 3 year cycle, up from the current 6 months out of the current 2 year cycle.

It would still give the people the power to change the direction of the government by replacing 50% of Congress every three years if so desired.

The solution for problem #2 – We are not going to change societies instant gratification syndrome… this is beyond anyone’s capabilities and the efforts would be lost in gridlock, but my solution to problem #1 would at least give our elected officials time to govern with less of a worry about this knee jerk instant gratification mentality.

The solution for problem #3 – Because the courts would shoot down any attempt to outlaw lobbyists, as unconstitutional I would demand the the FTC  to do their jobs under the current law… they are to protect consumers from deceptive advertising and they need to do this for all Political ads, both from the right and the left.

We need to do away with these misleading and half truths political ads.. We the people deserve to be told facts and the truth so that we can make an informed decision not based on lies.  This sword cuts both ways no matter which political party you are affiliated with and as far as I’m concerned is fair to both parties.

This world has changed because of modern media, and our Government needs to change with the times, so that it can better serve it’s people… Lord knows it’s not working right now.

America’s broken Political system needs to be reformed… When are we going to wake up America?

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