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May 24th, 2010

Those of you that are partially responsable for me putting up this blog, by sending me email or websites to make comments on… this one is in response to the latest email sent to me by Steve.

Here is a copy of what he sent me which BTW is Fiction




This is so “Unbelievable”….

In  Houston  …

Harwin Central Mall: The very first store that you come to when you walk from the lobby of the building into the shopping area

Had this sign posted on their door. The shop is run by Muslims.
Feel free to share this with others.

(Note: If you can’t read the sign in the picture, it says: “We will be closed on Friday, September 11, 2009 to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Ali (A.S.)”)

Imam Ali flew one of the planes into the twin towers.

Nice huh?



The below information is from this website

The above-displayed sign on a Perfume Planet store at the Harwin Central Mart in Houston, Texas, caused a great deal of consternation (and outrage) among Americans in mid-September 2009, the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the U.S. Many viewers took the sign’s statement that the store would be closed on September 11 “to commemorate to the martyrdom of the
Imam Ali” as a mean-spirited insult, interpreting it to mean that the proprietors were shutting down to honor one of the terrorists killed in the perpetration of the 9/11 attacks.

Although the sign was real, its common interpretation was not accurate: None of the 9/11 hijackers was named “Ali,” and the word “Imam” is not a name (it’s a title that refers to a Muslim religious leader). The Imam Ali was not a modern day terrorist, but a 7th century religious figure, the cousin and

son-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, whom Shi’a Muslims regard as the first Imam. (Disagreement over Ali’s role in Islamic theology led to the division of
Muslims into the Sunni and Shi’a branches of Islam.)

Ali was attacked by an assassin while praying in a mosque on the 19th day of Ramadan and died two days later, so the 21st day of Ramadan is (among the Shi’a branch) a day of special significance, a day for honoring the martyrdom of the Imam Ali. Since the Islamic calendar is based on lunar months with years of 354 or 355 days, the months of the Islamic calendar move around from year to year with respect to the Gregorian calendar. In 2009, the month of Ramadan began on 21 August, and the 21st day of Ramadan therefore coincidentally fell on the date of September 11 by the Gregorian calendar that year.

The Perfume Planet’s manager explained to his reaction to the confusion caused by the controversial signage:

Store manager Imran Chunawala was stunned [by the reaction] because the holiday had nothing to do with 9/11.

Then he realized what happened. Imam Ali died on the 21st day of Ramadan in the year 661 AD. It’s a somber and significant holy day for Muslims. This year it coincidentally fell on September 11.

“We did not explain enough in the sign because that is the exact same sign we put up every year on this particular day for this particular reason,” said Chunawala.

He apologized for the confusion and put up a new sign thoroughly explaining the martyr they were honoring died in 661 AD.

“If people thought that that’s what this was about, I apologize,” Chunawala said. “That was not what this was about. I’m clarifying once again and I seriously am sorry for any misunderstanding that this caused.”

So like most of these email this one is also Fiction and it only took me one search on Google to find out the truth… I had the truth almost as fast as the people forwarding this email could add their list of friends to send it to.

There is no real excuse for sending out this crap, when it’s so easy to see if it’s true or not first.

I thank Steve for sending it to me so that I can do my part in trying to help the American people to make decisions on truth not BS spread by those with either hidden agendas or at the very least ignorance.

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