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Who Does The FDA Represent?

July 16th, 2013

Point in fact,  94% of the additional money the FDA is asking for in the 2014 budget ($770 million out of $821 million) comes from user fees paid by the industries they regulate. The total 2014 budget if approved is $4,653,657.000, with  $2,557,693.000 coming from taxpayer and $2,095,964.000 coming from user fees, so almost 50% of their budget comes from the industries they regulate.

I would suggest that this is a conflict of interests and this is not speculation; it’s been shown to be the truth, time and time again. In 2011, the FDA found out that many studies conducted at Cetero Research, a major drug research lab they used, from 2005 to 2009 were fraudulent, involving manipulated data and tampered records. About 100 drugs were already on the market, approved, at least in part, based on these fraudulent studies.

We need the FDA to protect the American people not the profits of the pharmaceutical companies that provides 50% of their budget, something needs to change we can not allow this to continue.

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