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The Death of a Democracy

October 13th, 2012

No matter who wins the 2012 election America looses… the very core of our democracy is being  exploited  and I fear it is in jeopardy of being destroyed within.

Fox News, CNBC, CNN, The Supreme Court  (Supper Pack ruling) and the Internet is killing America by blurring together facts and fiction to the point were the average American can no longer tell the difference.

The very thing that made us great, Freedom of Speech now because it is unchecked is sadly going to be what kills our democracy.  We pick our elected officials not based on facts, but based on theater and who can put out the best misleading commercials, or worst yet what sides super-pack spends the most money and comes up with the best lies to buy the election.

When I watch a commercial for either candidate, if it’s supported by the candidate I figure at best it 50% half truths and twisted facts and if it’s sponsored by a super-pack or outside organization I up that to 85%… but this is what some voters base their vote on.

Fox News and CNBC cancel each other out as far as right and left wing bias journalism and depending on who you want to support you can get reinforcement in both places… I will watch neither!

Facebook, Twitter, blogs and the Internet in general gives anyone with Internet access a voice to write and say anything they want and spread it with the speed of light…. Notice that most things that go viral, on politics when fact checked are false and that’s on both sides.

Because we Americans love our freedom, this is not going to change and sadly elections will be won and lost based more on fiction than on facts… I ask you to do one thing no matter who you support, when you see that facebook post, or get that email or see that super pack add on TV that SUPPORTS how you already feel… fact check it at places like or there are other places.

You might not agree with me politically,   but please trust that when I say most everything you read online and see on the extreme left or right news channels need to be fact checked… just because it supports what you already believe does not automatically make it true.

I know right away when my side is lying or telling half truths and I don’t like it, but until we as American Voters tell them that we had enough and show them they have no effect both sides will keep using them… As an American voter I am sickened by the modern political process and can come to only one conclusion because I don’t see it changing… America Democracy is DEAD and has been killed by 24 hours news channels, social media and the super-packs… how sad is it that the very thing that has made us great “Freedom of Speech” has been turned against us by modern technology?

Wake up America tell both parties enough is enough!

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