Tea Party Budget Proposal Abolishes Medicare

The 2012 Tea Party lead budget proposal abolishes Medicare within 10 years and includes devastating cuts to Medicaid. They will try to sell this to the American people as Medicare reform to cuts costs, but as it stands now it is nothing short of privatization of Medicare.

The Republicans want to give seniors vouchers that would be paid to big insurance companies to cover health care therefore placing what is covered into the hands of big insurance companies and according to the Congressional Budget Office the vouchers aren’t enough to pay for current levels of care.

They are already on record in the 2011 budget to want to cut funding to K-12 education, Higher education, and cuts of at least $400 million from a crucial program that puts food on the table for pregnant women and small children, along with crippling the EPA, and completely eliminating funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

All these cuts while at the same time proposing to lower taxes even more on Big Business and billionaires.  To be fair they also include simplify and lowering tax rates for you and me… the simplification part is eliminating the few tax breaks the middle class can take advantage of, like interest paid on mortgages.   It is interesting though that they want to lower the corporate tax rate, but with no mention of doing away with the loopholes that already allow companies like GE to earn billions in profits without paying any Federal income tax, and even continue to earn future tax credits.

If they are serious about tax reform how about a flat tax on all income and profit over 25k with no loopholes.  As Warren Buffett, said “There is something wrong when a billionaire like me pays a lower tax rate than my secretary.”

The Republicans proposal is  radical, but they know it will not pass the Senate or have any chance of being signed by the President.  This is a sign of the future if the Republicans take control of the Whitehouse in 2012, you will see not only privatized Medicare, but also Social Security, therefore putting everyone’s future under control of Wall Street and Big Insurance companies.

The Republicans continue to say that the American people are demanding Government to balance its budget… after all we Americans must tighten our own budgets so why not the Government?

The problem is they are only willing to look at ½ the equation.  I don’t know about you, but if my family is running short of cash to support our chosen lifestyle, we have to options… cut expenses or raise more money and I will try to do both.

Don’t get me wrong, no one wants to pay more taxes, but if you make a profit of 14.7 billion, you should have to pay the country you are doing this business in, some sort of tax.  The tax laws should not be written in a way where a corporation earning 14.7 billion in profits pays 0%, but if I want to take my own money out of a tax deferred retirement account before I’m 59 ½, I will not only be obligated to pay income tax, but a 10% penalty for early withdraw, even though I am retired.

The laws in this country are unbalanced towards the wealthy already and the Tea Party lead Republicans are trying to tip these scales even further… what are you going to do about it?

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2 Responses to “Tea Party Budget Proposal Abolishes Medicare”

  1. Sharon says:

    The tea party needs to climb back in the hole they climbed out of and consider ALL people and not just attack lower income folks and their benefits. They do not call themselves Republicans, but they sure talk like them. When they start wanting to contribute some serious ideas to help our economy start at the top 5% of folks in this country who control the purse strings. They will save us a ton of money and fix the deficit. But doing in on the backs of the middle class and low income folks does not sit well with me. Enough said.

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