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May 16th, 2010

Listen people, we need to stop blaming the world for all our problems… the truth is we only have ourselves to blame, and here is why.

Our Financial woes:

This one is simple people… We Americans demand the highest wages we can possible get, AND we demand the lowest prices for the goods and services we purchase.

Now I ain’t no mathematician, but those there numbers will never add up!  So we the people were a big part of why our jobs were sent to countries with cheap labor and now we have no manufacturing jobs to help pull us out of this recession.

Our Country’s Debt:

You can’t fight two wars for this long, while going through one of the worst recessions this country has ever seen, and not go deep in debt.

According to an article in USA today this week the cost of the two wars just topped 1 Trillion dollars.   The article goes on to say:

Afghanistan will cost nearly $105 billion in the 2010 fiscal year that ends Sept. 30, including most of $33 billion in additional spending requested by Obama and pending before Congress. Iraq will cost about $66 billion. In fiscal 2011, Afghanistan is projected to cost $117 billion, Iraq $46 billion. To date, Pentagon spending in Iraq has reached $620 billion, compared with $190 billion in Afghanistan.

Further more there is only one way to bring a country out of a recession and that is to stimulate the economy with spending.  The problem is the customers can’t spend because they don’t have a job, and big business can’t spend because their sales are down.. so who does that leave?

You got it, good old Uncle Sam is the only one that can spend money it doesn’t have, simple by printing more AND that is what needs to be done to bring a country out of a recession.

The politicians can grandstand in front of the TV cameras all they want about government spending being out of control, but this is all for show… there is not one of them that doesn’t know that government spending during a recession is an evil necessity.

Okay that sets the tone for the type of subjects this blog will cover… here is a partial list of future posts just so I don’t forget:

  1. Who The Hell is This Tea Party group and just what do they stand for?
  2. Is the Federal Government Really to Big?
  3. Why did you steal my flag?
  4. The number one test a President should take before he takes us to war.
  5. The only law we need to pass to change the WORLD forever
  6. When will the FCC start to do it’s job?
  7. New Health Care Law… good, bad and ugly… BUT ALL TRUE!
  8. Why I think that everyone should shop local first.
  9. Oh yea… where the Hell is Sarah Palin  and her supporters now… drill baby drill.
  10. When did Pro-Choice become Pro-Abortion?
  11. These and many more blog topics that I hope will stimulate your reactions and participation…. bringer err on!  At least I didn’t say mission accomplished :-)

If you have anything to say, let me a comment below… if not WHY?

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1 Comment »

  1. I like your list of future topics. I plan to visit and comment often.
    Good luck with this, and congratulations for taking action.

    Comment by Jay Farrington — May 22, 2010 @ 11:43 am

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